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white space What Up. Welcome to Local Boston Graf. We are a new webpage dedicated to the art of graffiti with most specificly the scene in boston...

Update May 2, 1999 -
Added 1 temp flick, a melo flick, 2 melts, 2 jokes, 3 volumes, 2 speks, a blame, and a qyze sketch. Peace.... !

Updated June 3, 1999 -
3 New Monoe Flicks,2 speks,a blame2 Bleaks, a Never, and a Relm.

If anyone wants to see anything that isnt here or something, then you gotta e-mail me. IF anyone wants to send any flicks or anything then just let me know by Instant messanging me at kerl one, or emailing me at

We currently have 144 flicks uploaded with more coming...

This page will be updated constantly at least once a week, as long as we keep pulling in the flix. Take a look around, it will be growing rapidly in the next few days/weeks. Later


© 1999 Qyze Boston