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white space What Up. Welcome to Local Boston Graf. We are a new webpage dedicated to the art of graffiti with most specificly the scene in boston...

Update May 2, 1999 -
Added 1 temp flick, a melo flick, 2 melts, 2 jokes, 3 volumes, 2 speks, a blame, and a qyze sketch. Peace.... !

Updated June 3, 1999 -
3 New Monoe Flicks,2 speks,a blame2 Bleaks, a Never, and a Relm.

If anyone wants to see anything that isnt here or something, then you gotta e-mail me. IF anyone wants to send any flicks or anything then just let me know by Instant messanging me at kerl one, or emailing me at metalcoora@hotmail.com

We currently have 144 flicks uploaded with more coming...

This page will be updated constantly at least once a week, as long as we keep pulling in the flix. Take a look around, it will be growing rapidly in the next few days/weeks. Later


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